Four Best Ways to Improve User Engagement

User engagement is one of the most prominent indicators of the app’s successfulness in the market. The improvement of user engagement allows building greater brand awareness and improving conversions for any business or product. You can reach these goals by the means of up-to-date marketing automation tools aimed at delivering mentioned awareness, decreasing costs and improving app promotion campaign efficiency. Since the user engagement and retention are the most difficult issues for developers and marketers, we offer you the list of the best four ways to increase user engagement by the means of marketing automation tools.

Great Introduction

The first impression plays a crucial role, especially in the app promotion process. Even if it sounds too common for you, be sure a great introduction is your first step to success. First, think what welcome message to provide. For modern mobile applications, a welcome message remains a short and simple email that gets triggered once someone registers on your application. This welcome message can bring a simple welcoming or contain some additional information. Often, the welcoming messages include a set of further steps. The welcome message often educates the user about the app main features and opportunities offered. Here you can place the information about initial discounts, numerous benefits, and other useful information. Besides, you can add good animated pictures or Video to interest your user. According to official statistics, video is the exact type of ads, which has the best engagement and impressive conversion rates on social media platforms. Be sure, to personalize providing welcome messages since it allows greatly increasing user engagement.

Left Purchase Message

Remember the online shopping when you put an item into the shopping cart and leave it there. It is quite a common thing for customers. However, how in such a case to force the customer to get back to the shopping cart and end the purchase? Be sure, an automated email or short push notification can remind your users to do so. Marketing automation helps here greatly since its tools allow to create a series of automated messages that begin with a simple reminder to asking if the users need any extra help in completing the purchase or a certain process. You can also offer a discount to get the user back on the app and make him complete the started checkout process. In fact, the best practice can be sent out each email or push notification with a certain gap (one or two days). This is the most beneficial gap that allows gaining the user’s attention.

Transactional Messages

The marketing automation tools allow sending the automated messages whenever a transaction was held. The users receive a confirmation message once making a purchase or paying some additional service. Be sure, users love to receive Purchase Confirmations since it makes the app more reliable. Moreover, you can provide an effective mechanism for your users to track their purchases and other actions online. This helps greatly to increase the convenience and a higher level of trust with the brand and application. This type of messages can be quite informative, and greatly improve the communication between the brand and users.


Retargeting is another highly requested feature offered by the marketing automation tools for developers and marketers. This advanced feature allows the developers and marketers to monitor the audience and target users over various modern channels even once they have drop off your app. The tools allow targeting ads or some parts of content in particular to app users on social platforms connected with your application. This is a common practice that when browsing certain websites and looking for definite products, the google ads start showing your searched products. These automated ads help bring your attention back to the app for further user engagement. Retargeting plays an important role in app promotion since it helps utilize all social networks and online platforms to get the user back to your application.

Improvment of User Engagement – Assumption

Every application developer and marketer wants to increase their app user engagement using up-to-date marketing automation tools since it is a great way to reach great visibility and popularity. Always pay attention to the first impressions since they count. Generate some creative ideas to make sure your first welcome message is informative. Personalize your user approach to increase app engagement. Be sure, once using up-to-date marketing automation tools you can easily keep the users informed about your app improvements and updates automatically. This helps improve the user engagement, and the brand trust once developing a good relationship between the app and its users.

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