Developing a nice app is a hard work. Creating the idea, inventing unique algorithm, making proper graphic and sound, caring about usability and support has never been an easy task. Nevertheless, promoting your app – no matter how good it is, may appear even more difficult. However, it may be more important as well.

Numerous surveys show that Android app market is becoming more and more popular comparing to Apple’s. Guess, what is more popular than these two? iTunes Store. General number of applications that are already uploaded on iTunes is higher than 1.2 million and this number is increasing fast. So, if you are about to upload your product on iTunes you should also know main tips how to make your app noticeable and popular there.

One of the oldest and still most popular tool to make your app succeed - is optimization of your app’s page content in order to attract more consumers. After improving app’s description and image content, you can gain new consumers and better rating very quickly. We share 15 wise tips that will make it easier to be found by your consumers on iTunes.

1. Check What Your Competitors Do

It is easy to imagine that you can find a couple of app that remind yours - among those 1.2 million offers that already uploaded on iTunes. Even if your application is absolutely innovative and revolutionary – you can probably find a couple of apps that support the same theme or use keywords that you are going to use as well. Check apps on the top of a search list and learn from their using keywords. If it works for them, it may work for you as well.

2. Think Of A Better Title.

Effective and correct naming is very necessary for your success. While choosing a name for your product – rely not only on it’s being unique and intriguing but also on how often people may search for something like that on iTunes. Check which search words are most popular and try to use them in name of your app. It is reasonable to think well about an app’s name before release. Otherwise, changing the name may be too risky as you may lose those users who have already checked or heard about your application.

3. Describe It Right

Sometimes developers spend months to create a good app but they do not care even for a day to create a good description. It may be a core problem of low rating and little attention from users. While creating a description, it is important to make it attractive and to include keywords at the same time. Do not rely on keywords only; make the text itself a good marketing tool that will attract a user to an app. Be sure that most important and attractive information is brought to the top of your description. You can use a common marketing scheme that always works: in the beginning manage the problem that can be easily solved using your product. It shall attract users. After - explain how it works, mentioning strong sides of your app.

4. Choose Most Effective Keywords.

Another detail - is a key word section where you can enter separate descriptive words that identify your app for search algorithm. Use all possible keywords to make your keywords connected to more searches and more visible for iTunes visitors.

5. Good Icon Is Important.

Your app’s main icon is actually its face and the presentation that a user will notice. Make your icon both appealing and informative. There are numerous articles and videos to learn to create a perfect icon, but you may get clear understanding of how it should look while checking icons of your popular competitors or simply browsing through list of top apps on iTunes. If to underline most common features of successful app’s icons, they are bright colors, laconic graphic and unusual shapes. Your icon should have right size to be properly visible on iTunes

6. Sell Your Product Globally

When new product is uploaded, it stays available for one country only. However, there are useful tools that may localize your new application for different countries. Do not miss a chance to attract more users globally and to widen your target audience.

7. Talk To You Consumers.

Number of downloads can influence your app’s place in the search list. To gain some popularity your app shall be downloaded right after upload. Not to miss your chance to get higher in the ranking – ask your friends and relatives to install your application. In case you have loyal clients, contact them advising to try new app that has just been released.

8. Make Your Application Social.

Make it possible to compete, to share or to compare results or goals scored while using your app with other people. Add a function that will make it possible to share information about user’s achievements on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. This feature may be especially beneficial for fitness programs, popular games or educational apps.

9. One Day For Success.

When number of downloads grows high in one day, it makes a great positive impact on app’s position in general ranking. You can easily check this in those days when number of installs is higher than usually. You can build an effective promotion based on the feature. Think about promo-actions, launch event, great sale, etc. that will work for a day only.

10. Use Nice Screenshots.

Screenshots will not make any difference to your place in the ranking directly - but they are still important. Bright informative screenshots, that show how useful and colorful your app is, to attract more consumers.

11. Mention Your Partners.

It may be wise to mention those professional teams that helped you to create your app if there were some. Mention name of team or studio of developers, designers or illustrators that helped you. If their brand is well promoted it will make users trust your app more. However, if they are known for little people only, mentioning them may also be useful and will bring an opportunity to gain popularity together.

12. Attract “Outside” Users

Popular apps are often installed when found not via iTunes’ search but elsewhere in the internet. Promote your application using other social channels, sites and platform. For example, insert a link or describe where to find your app in your blog’s article or mention it on your social accounts etc.

13. Build Statistics.

Monitor changes of your app’s rating and position in search ranking every time when you make some promotion, start advertising campaign, simply update, or upgrade your product. If changes bring new results and make difference - pay attention at it. Track your sales, reviews, star-ratings and installs. The knowledge helps to improve your promo campaigns and to invest your efforts rationally.

14. Check Bugs.

Bad work of an app with upsetting technical moments is the most popular reason of users being disappointed. Check the bugs carefully and regularly and improve them when you notice some signs of bad performance to avoid negative reviews.

15. Update Your Product.

Loading your app once is far not the end. You shall update your app regularly and introduce better changes to it. According to recent survey, those apps that are often updated appear more attractive to iTunes visitors.

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