Every promoter must know that there are no universal winning options in app promotion. However there are some tips that will increase your chances for success.


1.Before you start developing process you plan every step. So you have to do the same with you launch and advertising plans. Find the ideal for you promotion options by making some media analysis and how such resources will help you in PR campaign.

If you are planning to promote your product in various countries, check whether you have chosen the right app market for your app popularization.

For Proper Analytics Data Find And Apply The Touchpoints With Users.

2.These sources can be informative and you will have enough time to study them instead of finding the additional ones.

For your campaign the following touchpoints can be used: emails, sites, and billing statements. Also you can add some script to your web-page and make your visitors know about your recent product. Creative option is to place QR code on hotel key cards or other services and stuff if you can reach the collaboration with some. Do not be afraid to improvise.

Embrace The Mobile Devices.

3.They are enabled to provide you with countless features for mobile communication. It can be QR-codes or SMS-messaging. Reach all the possible ways in order to stay in touch with your audience.

Analyze the possible activity of your prospect users and fulfill their needs in advance. In some cases to reach the target app users developers can come up with idea of placing QR-codes accompanied with App Store page link on the coasters. Social media info can also be used for app promotion and underlining its benefits for users.

Use Wisdom In User Selection Process.

4.Divide your audience into groups according to the various characteristics and inform them about new products and updates in the suitable way. After that make analysis of the received results and use this data for future campaign improvements.

Social Networks Assistance.

5.Appliance of the social media means can enhance your audience greatly. On the most popular sites like Twitter or Facebook developers can opt for app-install commercials. In Foursquare tip feature can be used as well. Users make some tips that can encourage others to install the recommended product. Pay attention to targeting for your campaign as well. A sharing feature will supply with additional growth of popularity and user base.

Co-Working With Other App Creators.

6.Collaboration of developers is a beneficial option for both of them. They are both in search of quality sources of installs. Offer your promotional services to other companies and do not neglect the offers you may get. Cross-promotional activity can bring you many advantages.

ASO is All Importance.

7.The valuable aspect of app promotion is ASO, which means SEO for mobile applications. Think like your target audience while searching for the app of your type and according to the received insight select keywords and name. With various approaches you can increase your chances for wider audience.

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