Terms Of Service

General terms of Mopeak

The beginning

These statements manage the relationships between the Mopeak Service and Developer. If any Developer of application wants to use Mopeak tools in own purposes he can do it with no limitations. This Service will be useful for a range of aims, but its main goal is to help Developers in getting more and more reviews in application stores (such as Play Store). It provides customers with such opportunity and helps them to save money but get the highest efficiency.

Notice: you have to read rules, terms, and instruction of Mopeak Service usage and follow all advices. Starting using this platform you confirm your agreement with all the listed below statements.

Particularities of Mopeak and Developer relationships

1. All rights on application and its products belong to Developer. The Mopeak gets no rights to use any product or rights for application.

2. Mopeak Service obtains all interests and rights of its clients. It means that all Intellectual Property rights of each application and website will be safe according to Mopeak Service Documentation.

Using Mopeak Service all customers are supported with partial and ordinary license to get access to its features if the situation requires such documentation. Besides, this platform also keeps rights and obligations which are supported to be but not mentioned here.

At the same time Developer is free to give reviews, ideas, and propositions to improve Mopeak services. Thanks to numerous customers our platform has a chance to be improved day by day.

Warranties and Requirements for Developers

There is the exact division on Developer's and Mopeak Service's responsibilities. Everything that touches to target application belongs to Developer's field of responsibility. He has unique rights to develop, improve, manage, and use own product. Besides, all content that is displayed in target application is also managed by Developer. These actions have nothing common with Mopeak field of responsibility.

Here is the list of general sides of Developer:

  • support technical side of product and its tools for correspondence;
  • set and demonstrate advertising in application, its duration and quantity;
  • control the quality of application, its stable work and features;
  • monitor the content not to be harmful for customers;
  • create and spread own privacy policy.

This Agreement supposes that:

1. Developers have all listed above rights without additional confirmation.

2. Each product that Developer supplies to Mopeak Service doesn't break the law (no violence, trespass, or other restricted content for children and adults is allowed).

3. Each product of Developer is unique and doesn't violate copyright and proprietary rights.

4. All published and displayed content is legal.

5. All mentioned above content has no virus or other harmful software inside.

6. The application satisfies the requirements of the following Agreement and will follow them in the future.


In case Mopeak Service has no attitude to clients’ rights the platform doesn't have any responsibility for their product, its content and features. It also considered about Developers and their actions, third parties, software that is connected with product. Notice, that Mopeak has nothing common with other applications and services your program is connected with. In this situation all changes that can happen to Developer's application is only the field of his responsibility. It belongs to technical support, regular and unexpected issues, operating system, computers, tools and products, including problems which can cause different kinds of damage.

Mopeak has no rights to manage your data, so has no responsibility for losing any files. The contradictions belong to both online and offline influence of Developer's software. Even if it hurts someone else's life, causes death and injuries this responsibility carries only application Developer.

As Mopeak is safe as a service and guarantees the quality and safety of own facilities, it doesn't manage the influence of apps that are supported by it. With limited options in Developer's product Mopeak can't ensure its customers in what this platform has no rights. Using this platform you can be sure in it, but not in other tools, services, applications, etc that are connected to product.

Important restrictions in the responsibility field

If your damages would be caused by Mopeak Service Developer will be supported with the help and compensations. It will be fair to take legal responsibility for distinct issues and damages, such as losing information and personal data. This responsibility will be made with exact sum of money. The final amount will be made in this Agreement but it can't be more than $1000.

In addition customers may have extra rights if there is a law with no limitations in guaranties. If it happens several limitations on Responsibility can't be worked on you.

Notice, that any argument between Developer and Mopeak will be solved according to fair laws and rules of this Agreement and according to the laws of the state of Washington.

The final decision will be taken by the service as last arbitration. It is fair for all situations apart case one side breaks rules. This judgment will be done by American arbitration association. If it would happen another correct assistance may be needed.

The additional statements

These Terms of Use and the following Agreement manage relationships between Mopeak Service and Developer. These documents help to have both sides of the Agreement to get only benefits. If there is any statement that is considered to be a cancelled Developer will be notified. If any statement stopped being used it also should be down but other points will be still actual.

Be sure you have read all important information on official website to use it in right way.