In order to reach success in publishing industry you need to be familiar with app promotion as a fast-growing market segment.

Publishers as well as developers are concerned with the question how to advertise the application on the particular market. The main issue they are worrying about is the high level of competition. It is not surprising that the workers in this industry look for recommendations for putting new application on the top positions in the ratings. We have gathered some approaches to do so.

1. Plan Your Strategy In Advance Before The App Is Launched.

Some developers mistakenly consider that just quality application is the open door to success. But even a good product will not be successful without detailed promotion strategy. Promotion is no less important as the app design and performance and its performance.

The perfect period of marketing plan creating is while the design, name and slogan are in the process of creation. If you have already passed this period then create plan as soon as possible after.

Why it has to be done so early? You need app design and performance being correlated with marketing means. Without is you have a few chances for success.

2. Apply App Markets’ Advantages

In case you wonder how you can promote your product the answer is in front of our nose – App Store and Google Play. These services are one of the best platforms for advertising and business evolvement. They are unique in providing wide range of opportunities for the app developers. Moreover, they are cost-effective (or even free) so you can place you application here in order to reach your audience directly.

The performed applications on the market are categorized and can be reached via popular or latest lists. Placing your product here you can earn good impression and respect from the users. This is the perfect opportunity for marketing strategy testing.

3. Benefit From Social Media Means.

Social networks have a great impact on the today market and app promotion as well. It becomes much easier define and reach the target users. People on these networks are likely to be open for new and original things. But even here there are some market peculiarities you should be aware about.

The main trouble is the need to be more creative and interesting comparing with big competitors. To reach a success you have to present your product like something new, unusual and unique but useful for target customers.

So to become successful in social marketing you need to develop wise and thought-trough campaign. It should demonstrate your application like a unique in its category product and what makes it stand out from the popular and famous brands’ offers.

4. Supply Your Application With Reviews

Review services supply users and developers with unbiased opinion on every possible application or software. It can help to identify some bugs and fix them immediately. Sure, it can be tough to read some critics but look deeper and consider this option as an opportunity for growth and respect from wider audience.

But to do so you need to provide users with easy way of creating and posting their feedback. As long as this process has some complications for customers they will not bother to write anything about your product. What can be worse, they will highlight this flaw. And always remember the importance of the mentioning of app name, its description, brand name, app store link and enumeration of features.

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