Refund Policy

Rules in refund and funds policy of Mopeak

The following rules hold all potential situations for average customer. So every user of Mopeak website should read and know them:

1. Customers are provided with wide array of payment methods, including PayPal, credit and debit cards, Wire Transfers.

2. There is nothing difficult to start using Mopeak. After customer make payment, it will automatically confirm his right for usage. Otherwise this confirmation means that customer also allows Mopeak to get funds.

3. Customers are responsible for payments. If there is any kind of problem with transactions the user will be the one side who should check everything and repeat payment if it is needed.

4. Terms for payment means that after this procedure customer get all rights according to this Agreement. In a result you are able to run new marketing or advertising campaign.

5. Making funds to own account allows you to manage them as you like in the degree Mopeak allows. That’s why there is a dashboard exists that helps to control marketing campaigns.

6. All the funds invested in services are supposed to be spent within any kind of marketing campaign during the 6 months period. If there were more than 6 months after you made a payment - Mopeak may refuse to make any kind of a refund to Client.

7. According to the statements of this Agreement the price of the Mopeak Service and its features may be changed at any time. All customers will be informed about changes beforehand.

8. All funds may be exchanged according to its current value. Mopeak uses small amounts of founds from our customers.

9. Our platform has a unique right to limit any customer and his right in the system. It could be our prior right and individual decision.

10. Starting marketing campaigns and even register customer agree that Service can make studies according to own strategy.

11. If we believe that exact transaction breaks rights and responsibilities of this Agreement we may cancel it.

12. Mopeak Service has a right to manage transaction options, including postponement for any time, limit account, or customers’ right. All the packages purchased are non-refundable.

13. There is a strong belief for us and you to avoid financial loss. That’s why we are free to contact with third parties, law prosecution, tool issuers and share details of your payments. This option supposes to help customers not to lose money or break a law.

14. Thanks to Mopeak customer support everyone can get free help any time he likes. That’s why current live chat was created, that allows solving small and big issues in short time.

15. If you have business with third party and several issues between you two Mopeak has no responsibility to solve them. The only one obligation we have in this case is managing financial transactions. Notice that all financial actions are final, but you may ask for refund according to the law.

16. Mopeak Service doesn’t provide any intrusion between you and developers, companies, organizations, etc.

17. In case there is any technical issue occurs that interrupts your actions you are free to demand to finish your transaction later.