Privacy Policy

Mopeak Privacy Policy

The Mopeak Service values Developers privacy and all website visitors. Also the official website understands all reasons why do people aspire to make their personal data safe. It is considered about banking and personal account, other data in profiles and applications. That's why this Agreement and important statements were created.

In a result customers may be sure that there is no way that their personal information will be collected. Mopeak Service insists that emails, names, apps data, address, etc are protected from collection intentionally or automatically. To make such protection real the Mopeak did provide its Service with special scripts and algorithms. All of them protect customers' data no matter what platform they use personal computer or mobile gadget.

There is also information that is free to be gathered. Among such data you may find type of browser, details of provider, domain name, and operating system. Don't worry about your personal data, because this information will be useful for Mopeak developers to improve its services and usability. If customers would like to join the improvement of this platform they can give their permission for personal data gathering. But in any case such information can be collected only in one case: customer did it voluntarily.

Rights defined upon the data subject

a) Process Confirmation Right

Every website or controller is obliged to provide a confirmation when handling the data processing. The confirmation right for data subjects is determined by state legislations. A data subject also has a right to refuse from the confirmation feature. In this case, he or she is supposed to contact website or any other controller's administration to avail him or her from this right.

b)Subject Data Access Right

Website visitors and data subjects have a right to access their personal data processed by a controller any time A controller is obliged to provide FREE access without any charges or fees. The right is defined by the state legislation. Visitors and users are allowed to require a copy of their personal data. At the same time, a controller is obliged to indicate the reasons of collecting and processing personal info. They may include:

  • processing goals and purposes;
  • personal info types and categories;
  • any parties, organizations, recipients and categories of other third-party controllers, which may or will be forwarded person info;
  • the exact timeframes (where possible) that define the period of using personal info by a controller. The timeframes should cover the period of processing and storing info. If it is impossible to establish accurate timeframes, a controller is obliged to indicate any other criteria to identify possible timeframes;
  • the fact that a data subject has a right to make any possible changes, personal info updates and amendments upon request after contacting the controller of with the help of controller through the direct communication;
  • the opportunity for the data subject to dispute any issue as well as send complaints to a controller;
  • the sources that do not collect or process personal info;
  • the availability of automated decision-making as well as the description of the implemented methods that describe the process of the data processing.

Every data subject or website visitor has a right to receive the info about what third parties, organizations or subsidiaries will have an access to his or her personal info. Website users, customers and data subjects have the right to block their info processing at any time. All they need is to keep in touch with the controller's representatives to avail his or her access right.

c) Update and Change Right

Every subject has a right to change or update all categories of his or her personal info in case of that info is inaccurate or out-of-date. At the same time, a controller is obliged to complete any personal info that is incomplete in accordance with controller's policies and terms. All changes and updates are not supposed to counteract with data subject's rights. A controller agrees to send a supplementary statement. All data subjects are able to exercise their right to make any changes and amendments in their personal info any time they need. The process can be launched through a direct communication with controller's representatives.

d) Disclosure Right

A controller is obliged to erase any personal info inquired by the data subject. The info disclosure must be performed immediately without any delays. The info can be erased in accordance with several reasons or upon data subject request without explanation. The reasons for info disclosure may include:

  • a data subject is no longer planning to use a website or its services;
  • a personal data is no longer necessary for processing;
  • a controller has no legal background to process personal info;
  • a controller processes personal info illegally;
  • a personal info was collected for law disputes and cases;

A data subject can apply to disclose his or her personal info in accordance with the above-mentioned points or on his or her own wish. A controller takes the full responsibility of technologies, costs and steps necessary to take in order to erase personal info. It includes all available copies, links and other info sources used by a controller.

e) Restriction Rights

A controller should consider the right of data subject to obtain personal info processing restrictions due to any of the following reasons:

  • a controller needs some time to complete the info verification as well as its accuracy;
  • a controller violates the law when processing personal info;
  • a controller does not require personal info anymore. However, it still needs to process the data for some issues related to legal claims, establishments, etc.;
  • a data subject wants to erase or disclose his or her personal info as well as objects to processing pursuant.

A data subject has a right to apply for personal info access restrictions in case any of the above-mentioned occur. In this case, he or she needs to keep in touch with the controller's representatives of employers who are obliged to implement all necessary restrictions immediately.

f) Info Portability Right

According to the European legislator, a controller is obliged to deliver all personal info to the data subject upon request. The info must be provided in a machine-readable format that is commonly used. A data subject has a right to provide this info to another controller or organization. The info transmission can be performed without any limitations for the data subject. He or she are not obliged to notify the controller from which the data was received. At the same time, the data subject has an opportunity to opt for a direct info transmission between two controllers if both sides have necessary technical means. The data subject has a right to apply for he info portability and transmission any time.

g) Objection Rights

In accordance with the European legislator, each data subject has the right to object his or her info processing as well as any other issue performed by a controller. If a controller receives such inquiry from the data subject, its employees or administration are obliged to stop info processing at once unless the controller is able to provide any compelling background or reason t continue data processing regardless of data subject clams and without any detriment to his or her info.

A data subject should consider the fact that controller collects and processes his or her personal info for the purpose of direct marketing. If he or she continues using controller's services or websites, he or she automatically agrees with the purpose of info processing as well as with other terms and policies established by the company. If you do not want your info to be processed for direct marketing purposes, contact company's administration to use your right of disclosure and info erasure.

The company can use personal info for various research studies and demographic explorations. If a data subject objects to info processing for historical, scientific or any other purposes, he or she is supposed to contact company's representatives and object this type of info processing.

h) Automated Profiling and Decision-Making

While the controller regularly acts as the automated profiler and decision-maker when it comes to personal info related to a data subject, a user has the right to object to the automated process of profiling and decision-making. He or she may apply to controller's representatives in any of the following reasons:

  • automated processes are not required to make the agreement between the controller and data subject;
  • the controller does not have legal rights to use the automated processes;
  • the processes are not based on subject's explicit consent.

Once a controller has decided to use automated processes, it is obliged to take all necessary measures and precautions to protect subject's personal info. He or she has an opportunity to exercise the right by contacting controller's representatives or support team.

i) Info Protection Consent Withdrawing

After a data subject has provided a controller with the right to collect and process his or her personal info, he or she also has the right to withdraw the consent at any time without delays. A data subject should keep in touch with the controller's representatives and withdraw the consent.

Info Processing Legal Basis

Some of the company's points describe the set of legal basis that allow us to process personal info in accordance with the purposes described in the company's policies as well as in the given statement. The controller may process the info to provide or develop its services as well as for other operations prescribed by the term and policies. All purposes should be consisted as legal basis for the company to process personal info related to the data subject.

Additional legal basis may include safety issues. It means that a company can launch the info processing in order to establish safety rules and protect subject's personal info. These terms refer also to data subject's health in case of injury.

All the above-mentioned factors appear to be a legal basis for the company to opt for info processing unless those issues are not override by state laws and legislations. At the same time, the European legislator reserves the right for the controller to process info for the sake of data subject protection.

Legitimate Interests

This section describes legitimate interests pursued by the controller or its partners, third parties or other organizations. The company processes data in order to ensure its employees and representatives' protection and safety. All actions are performed for the sake of employees' well-being. The actions may also include the processing of data subject info as well.

19. Info Storing Timeframes

The respective statutory period is the basis for establishing the personal info storage expiring date. Once the deadline has been approached, the controller is obliged to delete all personal info from its database.


Cookies are necessary for the controller's website to be stored in a browser and computer systems as text files. They help our website to identify a returning user and ensure a faster access to website services. The identification is possible due to special IDs all cookies have. Both browser and device store the information about cookies received from a website making it easy for the controller to recognize its online user. A controller sends cookies to deliver a more enhanced service to its visitors. The main mission is to make a website more user-friendly and fast to operate and browse. A data subject may benefit from a faster access to necessary sections and web pages.

Using cookies makes it easier for visitors to access the website. They do not need to enter or type in the same information every time they want to surf the site. At the same time, they ensure a more comprehensive shopping experience when it comes to products in your cart after visiting a particular online shop.

The European legislator reserves the right for the data subject to refuse from using cookies any time. You may check your browser and enable the function that refuses from using cookies on a particular website including the controller's resource. Some browsers automatically delete cookies. In this case, the controller is not responsible for any errors or other malfunctions that may occur.

General Info Collection

Once a data subject has decided to enter a website or use any of its services, her or she agrees to provide required personal info that is processed by the website automatically. The website transfers the info to its server log files where it is stored. The controller collects various types of general and personal info that may include browser version and type; OS version and type; referral links; sub-domain names; date and length of session; IP address; Internet providing company; additional data related to users accessing a website.

All data subjects should keep in mind that generated info does not let the controller find out any personal details about the subject. The data is necessary for smooth and errorless website operation, flawless content and service delivery, ads and content optimization, technological viability, etc. The info can also be sued for digital protection purposes to prevent any risk of frauds or hacker attacks. We guarantee that general info is stored separately from personal info.

Newsletters Subscription

All data subjects will have an opportunity to subscriber to controller's newsletters. You will be informed about personal info generated by the website to enable the newsletters option. Newsletters are used by our company to keep our customers and partners informed about all possible updates, new services, ads and other promotional materials. A client may receive our newsletters in case he or she provides valid contact info including email, completes the registration process necessary to enable the newsletter option.

Once a customer has successfully completed a simple registration process, he or she should agree with terms and policies. The agreement proves that we will use contact info for sending newsletters only. Data subjects should keep in mind that a controller also uses his or her IP address during the registration process. Additionally collected info may include the date and length of session as well as some other points related to the general info issues.

The company is obliged to use any personal info collected during the registration for sending newsletters only. The controller is obliged to inform a subscriber about any technical and other changes or updates related to newsletters' offer.

The controller never transfers or shares personal info related to newsletters subscription. We guarantee that any of the third parties will never receive your personal info. Subscribers can eliminate the newsletters subscription any time as well as revoke the subscription whenever needed. You can opt for unsubscribe option on the controller's website as well as through the direct communication.

Tracking Newsletters

We would like to inform our visitors and customers that each newsletter contains a special tracking pixel. They are inserted in the HTML or any other code to enable the analysis and recording. The function is launched by the controller in order to track the stats of each marketing campaign as well as to ensure their prompt and error-free delivery. The tracking pixel generates detailed info about when a data subject opens the letter, the length of session, etc. The info is generated and processed in order to optimize newsletter shipping and make it as effective and fast as possible. We are aimed at making newsletters to the interest of data subject. We do not provide your personal info to any third-party organizations, partners and subsidiaries.