How to make your app take a better position in general ranking of App Store? Most critical and, - at the same time, most useful way to get to the top-list is to gain more positive ratings and reviews. High rating and reviews will improve your position in general ranking showing that your app is popular and worth install. Over 70% of internet users rely on reviews and rating before purchasing an app. That’s why getting more “stars” and reviews you are reaching two aims simultaneously: better place in general ranking and more trust from potential clients.

The higher rating and the more reviews you have - the easier it’s to find you using search of App Store. When users will start to enter a word that coincides with a name or a description of several apps – those applications that have higher ratings and more positive reviews will appear first in a search list.

Search algorithm of Apple’s Store is not complicated much and is already understandable for many developers and promoters. However, some beginners and general public may be not well acquainted with it. The algorithm counts number of downloads during last day, number of downloads during a week, number of reviews, star-rating, sales and interaction of users. All these factors are keys to high position in general ranking and success. Knowing these facts, you can see how your app goes up in ranking after some downloads and reviews and how it drops down when users don’t pay any attention at it.

How to influence on app place in general ranking?

Most common question that developers have is: how to influence on their place in general ranking. Use some tips to maintain better contact with your clients and to stimulate them to leave reviews and to rate your app. Use the following advice wisely as they may also be an annoying factor for you clients is they appear too often.

- Use some type of notifications and messages in order to remind your users to rate your app and to share their opinion about that.

- Negative reviews destroy your good rating, so you can use a small trick to minimize them. Ask your users if they are satisfied before readdressing them to the rating page. If your clients feel positive about your app – send them to vote and leave review on App Store, if not – offer them to leave their feedback in a special form. React on your users’ opinions and check level of their satisfaction – this will help you to update your app properly and will show which minor characteristics can be improved to make it better and more interesting for clients.

- Open boundaries for your app, make it available for more countries to get more consumers globally.

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