Multilingual ASO Strategy in 2018

The entire number of applications downloaded worldwide for the last year reaches over 175 billion. This impressive number shows the increase of competitive level on the current app store market. The recent situation shows that you can spend big money on ASO, but there are no guarantees your app will become visible. If you want to create a rock-solid ASO profile and want to get rid of a need to get paid installs by the means of Adwords or Facebook tools, it is crucial to have a successful and innovative application.

Multilingual ASO Strategy Principles

There are no doubts English language apps are well appreciated in the most parts of the world. You can easily call the English language the modern lingua franca of commerce. This statement is definitely true. Nevertheless, English language apps are more popular and beneficial in English speaking countries. In the same time, African countries prefer UK and US based applications as well, keeping almost 50% of market share nowadays. Still, most of the countries in the world do not speak the English language well.

Decent Demands in English Apps on the Market

A huge part of the world does not know the English language, thus offering English apps everywhere is a wrong strategy. Choosing the people who have no intention to look for English apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play as your target audience will bring a real failure. Be aware, people always conduct a search in their own language first. Therefore, it is naturally that geographic borders and country differences influence greatly the recent tendencies in the app promotion. It is crucial to keep in mind language issues once searching for a target audience. The language is often more important than occupation or country of origin. Besides, various apps can be popular far beyond the country where it was originally created like in case with apps produces in Spain that have gained the biggest popularity in South America countries. The modern tendencies in the app promotion force the developers to work on the multilingual ASO strategy in order to reach an impressive app’s popularity and great visibility.

Measure the Value of Your Product

Due to the recent tendencies on the market, which include a significant internationalization of the existed apps, measure the value of your application. Give yourself an answer to the question “does your app only have value in the English language?” In case it is available only in the English language, make sure to improve it greatly in order to compete with other applications on the market.

If you want perfectly suit a new market demands, it will not be enough to provide a translated kind of the application. There is a list of apps that can be offered in English only, like a schedule list app or a certification app. The other applications require quality translation and localization (internationalization) to enter a new market. Moreover, once offering your app to a new market be sure to deal with new groups of users and their requests. In the same time, internationalization of your application can bring extra opportunities fo its further growth and better visibility.

Localize Your Keywords

If you tend to enter a new market, make sure to localize your keywords. The recent studies show that app developers often prefer using words and phrases popular in a local area as the main keywords. The main aim of every developer and marketer is to gain its niche in the local market once providing requested services and products. In order to gain your place in the market follow the next advices:

• Create specialized store listings for every local market you want to work in.
• Choose the proper keywords for every market.
• Adapt your app to the needs of your local target audience.

Translations and Localization Benefits

If you think the translation may become a waste of your money and time, be sure you think in the wrong way. In case you do not want to pay money for localization and translation of your app, you may not fit the local market demands. In addition, translations are often a single-time cost, thus you pay for fully localized content which you may use further without any complex improvements. It is important to use professional translators’ services when localizing your app. Use the translator help once localizing your content. You may also run certain keywords researches by the means of searching tools to get a wide list of foreign language keywords for your ASO exploration. It is easy to find good translators online. Great websites to find experienced translators are Upwork, TranslatorsCafe, Smartcat, and Parlam.

How To Conduct ASO Research In Different Languages

With the strong tendency of internationalization, every developer and marketer needs to be aware of the methods and tools of ASO keyword exploration in different languages. The advanced research instrument for keyword research called TheTool can be successfully used in the course of the ASO strategy. When running TheTool, follow the next steps:

• Add your application and choose the store and region;
• Add your application and enter your competitors;
• Watch through the keywords offered or enter keywords manually;
• Navigate to Search in the App Metrics section;
• In the section chosen add new keywords or import them.
• Get the keyword scores.

TheTool platform offers relevant keywords and displays the effectiveness rate, the difficulty rate, the number of opposing applications, the predictable traffic score, and an analyzed application’s rank for that certain keyword. The tool allows conducting a research with as many keywords as your have planned to check. After you have considered the keywords and phrases, you can delete the list and set the tracking option to monitor mentioned keywords with time and get more detailed metrics.

The modern keyword research tools allow linking your personal account to iTunes Connect, and as a result, you may gain data that are even more important and infographics. If you want to reach a real success, stay multilingual and monitor a set of localities in order to gain global popularity for your application. With the keyword research tool, it is easy to switch to another location once using the location button and start the same process for another country. TheTool standard package of services allows tracking up to 200 keywords across ten countries. Definitely, if you have serious intentions about the expansion of your business to new local and international markets, you can use premium packages to track a bigger number of keywords across a bigger range of countries.

Apple App Store Listing Optimization For Different Regions

There is nothing difficult in Apple App Store listings creation, thus every developer and marketer can reach the app promotion campaign aims without complex efforts. Once conducting your ASO campaign, use all the possibilities various markets can bring you, thus improve your language content constantly. Once working on internationalization of your application, make sure to generate a copycat listing for every country and region you want to target within your development and promotion campaigns. The iTunesConnect account allows focusing on various markets once choosing the region and language. Once choosing a local market, make sure to get a proper translation of the app content to start your local promotion campaign. Check every detail of the app promotion and make sure everything fits perfectly! Track and test the chosen keywords, images, and other important details. Once you have done all the preparations, you get a new made listing! The main processes of optimization of your app involved in internationalizing your ASO include:

• Translations preparation and maintenance;
• Initial keyword research by country or region;
• Keyword monitoring and testing processes;
• Store listings creation and constant updates.

You can perform these four easy processes quickly, thus your app optimization will not take a lot of time. Once all processes are done, you can start simply managing the results. Numerous modern tools can be used for handling these processes since they are easy to improve and integrate, simple to manage and allow completing each task quickly.

When you work on the most successful ASO strategy, keep in your mind that the internationalization of your application is astonishingly a little work bearing in mind the potential benefits it can bring. Build and track these processes properly and with unique ideas implementation you will gain a wanted popularity for your business and open up new local markets all over the world.

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