When you have a great app, you want to show the world how great it is and definitely hope its strong sides will bring a good visibility and popularity among billions of already existed applications in the current market. You have all the rights to try to be a winner. Still, even interesting and unique applications can get lost among a wide variety of familiar apps. Creating and launching the app is just the beginning. Further, it will require many efforts and recourses to reach the desired app’s popularity. If you want to create a great app, first plan a promotion campaign since it will take a lot of time to come up with interesting ideas and plans. The entire promotion must be based on the right answers to the questions about the main features and options the application must offer its core audience. Trying to figure out every step of the promotion campaign is extremely difficult. The design stage and the testing require even more efforts and time. There must be the better way to advertise your application, right? When placing an app at Play Market or App Store, the developers often think the further app promotion will be easy. However, on contrary, the most difficult part is only beginning, and just a small amount of applications placed at app store gains a great visibility. The single right decision for your app promotion is a proper App Store Optimization. Focus on the user engagement since it plays the core role in ASO strategy, and shows how users estimate your application. This indicator brings clear knowledge and picture of your app’s popularity. If the users come back to use your application, it proves high quality of the app.

How to Deal with a Fear of the Churn

When conducting a promotion campaign, it is important to deal with the churn. This quite problematic aspect of app creation is the exact rate at which subscribers have no further interest in the app’s usage and cancel their subscription. Such a tendency is quite damaging for business conduction. The situation when you lose customers and feel the lack of loyal clients brings the decrease of your ratings in the app store. There are no doubts that your company’s growth depends greatly on the number of users engaged with your app. The rate of growth allows measuring how many new customers you have gained when the churn shows how many users you have already lost due to certain reasons. In order to call your app a successful one, the growth rate must outweigh the churn. It is the main duty of every developer and marketer to force your customers to both download your app and use it regularly.

Issues to Deal with Beforehand

Start your promotion campaign with the product presentation. It is a common deal for outstanding apps to reach extreme popularity in a few weeks, but the situations when they fall off the market are as same often. The main reason for such a phenomenon is the fact they have something to offer the market, but just for a week or two. Once the uniqueness of the app starts fading, it loses its significance. There is another category of popular applications on the market – the so-called “must-have” apps. These apps include the modern applications that everyone you know has already downloaded on their mobile phones and tablets and the ones people check regularly. The list of familiar apps includes Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Uber, etc. It is difficult to name even a single person who does not have at least one of the named applications. It is important to find a place for your app in the current market; therefore, your ASO strategy should include the analysis and improvement of the following issues in order to get the right users to download and install your app.

App Name

Starting with the app name is the right strategy. Be aware, the app name must be short and catchy, something that your target users will be able to easily remember and tell about to their friends. The most popular applications have the mentioned easy to pronounce names, including Tinder, Uber, and Facebook. The proper names consist of only one or two words and are easy to pronounce. Such short names are easy to remember and spread globally.


Use your entire imagination and knowledge to develop your unique icon ideas. Furthermore, keep in your mind who your target audience is and make sure it includes a direct messaging to your user. Think about something unparalleled to represent your company and unique product. It can be both something classic and simple like Twitter, or a catchy icon with various colors mixtures like the Instagram logo. Your app icon must be easy to distinguish from other apps in the market.


You need to provide informative app descriptions. For such a purpose, you may use various keywords. The explanatory description allows customers to easier locate what they need and want from your app. Thus, it allows avoiding possible churn by making it clear what kind of app the user downloads.


The last thing to do is to provide screenshots from your app and a short preview video that will present your product. Many developers offer a free trial or free version to engage more users. This special offer allows users to test the product and provide a feedback. These all issues must be considered before starting your creation process. Pay enough time and attention on the issues mentioned! Your product requires proper consideration and analysis. If you have done with the core issues, you can start working with the suggestions for how to improve engagement to boost your ASO significantly.


1. Personalize Your Response

It is important to provide a top-rate professional customer service. There is no matter that your product operates on the online market, it is important to keep in touch with customers. Moreover, a good customer service is not a group of people who provides fast answers to existed questions. It is important to interact with your customers in order to engage more customers that are new. There are many ways of providing a good customer service, like push notifications and constant updates. Conducting surveys may also help you to get more information about your product and customers’ desires. The work of the customer service must be focused on the better personalization of the messages. The marketers gain a lot of important demographic information from app’s users like gender, age and subscription date, login, country of registration, etc. This information will help you to better understand how customers use your app and what features they prefer the most.

2. Updates and Push Notifications

When you try to maximize app engagement, first optimize your push notifications and updates. The customers have used to get numerous short messages and notifications every day. If you want the promotion campaign to be successful, deal with your push-notifications. Often, users try to skip short notifications and close them without reading. You need to make sure users pay attention to your short notes. There are a few ways to offer push notifications without being skipped. First, you can send messages within the application and ask your customers whether they like to get push notifications or not. Ask what kind of messages they want to get to be aware of the latest app’s updates, and offer the mentioned notifications. Together with the push notifications, you can send reminders, emails, and SMS messages. This will allow keeping your audience engaged.

3. Keep Your App Upgraded

If you want to gain a huge audience and find your niche in the market, keep your application constantly upgraded. People adore new shiny things, thus new features will bring the attention of a bunch of users. The leading apps developers tend to offer weekly and monthly updates to satisfy own client and make them interested in the offered product. Your users will be glad to experience new options and features and appreciate new possibilities your app can bring. The innovative and interesting application always gather more customers.

4. Promotions and Bonuses

Every leading company offers own rewards system. The gaming apps are the ones to offer the most exciting promotions and bonuses. Their reward system allows gathering more users that are interested in offered rewards. Other apps provide small discounts, coupons, various sales for checking into the application daily. Some modern applications offer a point system, thus when you get a needed amount of points, you get, for example, a free pizza delivered right to your door. The recent studies show the customers become more interested in the app usage once have a chance to get a reward. Eventually, many new users boost the app’s popularity and increase its ratings significantly.

5. Many Customer Reviews

The applications with many reviews seem more reliable than apps with only a few responses. You may think it is a waste of your time to ask for reviews, but this is the exact thing that will help you to get more users. Always use your chance to send pop-up messages asking for your app’s review. It takes only a few minutes for users to rate your application and leave the review, but it is a great chance for you to increase your app stores ratings. Remember that people prefer apps with five starts and numerous reviews. In the same time, it is a wrong tactic to offer only positive reviews, since it makes your app to look not very reliable.


With the list of useful tips and advices, you may start implementing your ASO strategy hoping for great results. If you follow our tips, you will be well aware of what to offer your customers and how to satisfy them fully. Remember to interact with your users, provide constant updates and notifications, and ask users to leave reviews. With the users’ responses and feedback, you will get enough information to improve your app and get the highest app stores’ ratings.

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