Do you dream to join the inspiring industry of the Android app developing? Do you want your app will be user friendly and liked by audience? Follow the next 5 recommendation to reach your goal.

1. Pay attention to the specific features of Android design

There are cases when developers use the same interface and design both for iOS and Android applications. As it causes a lot of inconvenience to the users you need to pay attention to this aspect.

It is typical mistake for cross-platform developers who produce applications both for iOS and Android devices. They are wrong to consider using the same code is a good idea and they can cheat like this.

Such attitude leads to the lack of control of the app’s UI and UX and despite different platforms the application will be of the same design.

In order not to follow such uneducated example it would be better to apply some abstraction principles which will help in controlling the creation process and not to copy the same design for various app’s versions.

Create different codes considering specifications of the each platform. Your app will be approved by users only when you use UI code without connection to the logic one.

2. Avoid design developing without taking into consideration users’ tech skills

In cases when you want to create an intuitive design, you can make some testing with those who have average skills in using such products. For example, some of your friends or relatives. Make sure they are able to use it properly. If they will manage how to use your product than likely your design will also be understandable for users.

Collect the feedback of the users and what they think about your fond selection, buttons placing and overall design. This info will help you in making improvements. Use some hints for design creation in order to develop the best intuitive design.

The main of them is to apply classic approach with red signs detecting errors, right arrow to move forward. It is also convenient to gather similar options onto groups like settings or profile data. And the most valuable tip is to use simple variants. The easier it would be for users to apply your app the more popularity it will gain eventually.

3. Connect the app with social media

A few decades ago jogging was just a physical activity people were doing in the parks or training places and that was it.

But with handy gadgets and running apps this regular physical activity has undergone noticeable changes. Today people do not consider it as just exercises. This activity was put on the new level of competitiveness. You are informed about time, calories and distance you run through.

But the most competition creative feature is the ability to share your results with friend in social media via running apps that are connected to your profile.

Adding social instruments to your application can bring you a lot of benefits and you can save on promotion options as well as your users will be glad to share info about your product by telling their friends about their in-app results. Even a simple notes app can gain more popularity with sharing feature.

Every person has a need to share the significant for them info and facts with the people they know or do not. And as long as you provide them with such opportunity, you will automatically open a new source of free promotion.

4. Never forget about testing

You are more likely to fail if you release your application without previous testing. And if you are the one who tests it you are wrong as well.

Mobile products should undergo A/B testing. It is a must.

It is possible that the Alpha testing can be done by developers and team members. It is more likely they are supplied with latest versions of devices and can check all the app performance and its settings. They also are good at creating bug reports and coming up with improvement recommendations.

But the testing should not end up on this stage. No matter how good testers your teammates are, they are not the target users.

That is why the Beta testing is required. It is performed with the help of large groups of people who are able to check the app performance. Such approach can provide developers with independent views on the particular product. Beta testing can be open and closed. During the open one every user is welcome to check out your application. The closed means that you are the one who selects the testers.

5. Pay attention to the marketing aspect

Each of your products will be promoted differently in order to gain the popularity and top positions in the rates.

Without decent advertising plan you are risking to left your app unknown especially in cases when you are aiming on the regular user. Do not spend all your funds on the developing but use a significant part of your budget on promotion purposes. Otherwise you are in danger of bankruptcy.

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