You have created a new Android mobile App. You ran proper tests on it to make sure that your product is of high quality and ready for a start-up. It possesses great features and top value for mobile users. After publication you try to advertise your product through various means of social media and expect it to be in great demand.

But the result is somewhat different. Your App has a few downloads with hardly any comments from customers. You try to catch on what could possibly went wrong. Your ways of presenting the App to the public were conventional and seemed to work for others. But the practical outcome was still far from favorable. You realize that you need a help.

The tips that are listed here may be very useful to you. If you apply them, you can significantly increase your Download figures.

1. Aimed Descriptions

Work out a detailed and informative description of your mobile application and place it on the app market page. Your potential users will definitely read the post, it will affect your rating in a positive way. Use your time resources wisely. Language

Do your best to make your app global presenting it in most popular languages such as Chinese, French, Spain and others. At present some Google Play promoters have an option of an automatic translation through free google translating services. However, the converted text often contain grammatical errors and needs extra editing.

App Store users can get their translations employing other online translation services besides Google Translate.


To make your App popular on the market ground, create a list of keywords for it. It is an efficient SEO promotion method. Put repeated phrases and words into your descriptive content, but make sure they are placed appropriately.

Adwords Keywords Tool is one of the best programs that allows content writers to make the best list of keywords. It will help to promote your description in the search engine, so more visitors will stumble across your app. Such method is worth acting on as it greatly increases your download statistics. Potential users will track your App through certain words. Make sure that your writing text is not too short and has a valuable meaning.

Point out Required Allowance

Give users the information about allowance of your App download. Make them aware of the rules of installation in advance. This warning guarantees clarity of the download process and seeds trust in you targeted customers. Be honest about payment procedure and highlight all product’s features.

2. Make A Video Clip

Video explainer can be a powerful tool to promote your Mobile App. Use the help of professionals who know how to create a gripping portfolio with best graphic images and most essential info. There is a big number of online video-making studios of top quality that can provide you with a great video.

Place your video explainer by means of subtitles. Make some minor investment in accurate translation into other languages that you plan to target. After the work is done, enjoy its results.

3. Limited Discounts

You can interest your users with a proposal of a free or reduced-price trial period. This is the method that can be beneficial to the developers who try to reach out for many customers. Advertise your product through other apps and publishers.

4. Present Your App To The World

One more strategic step is to use the press release guidance. There are many services that offer this kind of assistance. They will help you with press release of your product.

Do not avoid minor blog review articles, they may bring extra customers to you. Publishers of the average scale like to dig up and present on their home page new IT products. They fish more visitors to their site and at the same time do you a favor.

Do not avoid even small bloggers and starting experts. They will probably be glad to publish some info about your creation. In return you can write a feedback on their services, create testimonials and thus maintain productive atmosphere of mutual interest. Both sides will win from such collaboration.

5 Consider User’s Feedback

Keeping a fresh track on your user comments and wishes can be really helpful in order to support their interest. Build up a strong circle of active users around your App and benefit from their engagement. In order to see a rise in your installations, make analysis and collect essential data from your customers.

Adjust your product to the public demand analyzing their feedbacks and opinions. The targeted audience can reveal pros and cons of your creation that you have never seen before. Monitor how users exploit your App and define reasons why they delete the product from their mobile. Use this data wisely and boost download rates.

6 Make a cover picture for Play Market

You may not consider it as a primary deal, however do not avoid the opportunity to create an app cover for your product. It can hook more customers and draw attention to your App. It is preferable to make an attractive and original picture, and also for a screenshot. The image should look presentable and leave a nice impression on others.

7 App Screenshots

Make sure that your App screenshots are of ahigh quality and well-desighned. As an example, you can make a picture where a person is using your product on the gadget and really like it. If you aim at the children audience, create an image of kid who is playing your game. Pay attention to the good graphic resolution of the app.

The purpose of a screenshot is to show your app in real condition. It is advisable to get several pictures (3-6) of different setting that would display its features in the best way.


Use the tips stated above and promote your App in the play market. Increase your App downloads and improve its features actively. Above all pay attention to your team, support their talents and encourage for great results. The process of making your App poplar among mobile users is now real. Just stick to the tips and promote your product more efficiently.

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