More than 50% of available now applications can be founded via search system of the App Store. Every developer should take care about their app’s findability. And one of the crucial points in this tasks is keywords and name selection.

Today we are going to highlight main tips on name and keywords selecting for your product before its publishing on the market. Such approach does not guarantee the sure-thing top points in the rates, but will help you to get enough installs.

In app’s SEO the most important aspects are name and keywords in order to make it to the App Store.

It is a well-known fact, but beginners may face difficulties with this. From this article you will know what to do for improvements of app’s SEO, or as it is called ASO, which means App Store Optimization.

Illustrative app name

The first what a user see in the list of applications is the name and its image.

In cases when your app has specific purpose you need to reveal it as clear as possible. Audience is got interested by the app only when they see immediately the relevant info in the list of applications. So the name must be informative and describe the main idea of the product.

Not every developer knows that the name is counting as keywords space in App store as well. Moreover the content of this attribute even more significant comparing with keys. But it does not mean you should just add a list of keywords in the name space. It would be better to come up with 2-3 key phrases to make it possible for users to find your application. But must be meaningful but short as the limit for Apple applications’ name is 50 letters.

This means you have to pay attention to the keyword selection and find the optimum solution.

Apple made the URLs using application names. That is why it is not recommended to add any specific symbols to the app’s name like trademarks or copyright symbols because it may cause some troubles with iTunes page creation.

One more thing you should pay attention to is the uniqueness of the name. Think carefully about the name you want to set for the app and check whether it copies the existing on the Apple store.

How to choose App Store keys properly

In apple you are provided with 100 chars for you keyword list so it is better to use this space wisely. Type every separate word dividing them with comas. There is a tip that Apple search engine is better at plural forms.

Try not to use many similar keywords in one place, try to find synonyms for them. Think about alternative words and word combinations people may write in order to find the product. Such approach with higher your chances to make it to the first 5 search results with not so popular words instead of being the one of hundreds listing apps with common keywords. And never add trademarks here!

Phrases composed from keywords are not the best option. So it is better to present these phrases as a list as well. For example, “business app” must be written in iTunes key section as “business, app”.

What keywords to choose

Due to the lack of experience many people dealing with ASO prefer the most common search results.

But such approach is far from the most valuable things you should pay attention in ASO. Check out the list of criteria for keywords in the order of their significance:

Suitability – are you sure the chosen words describe your app? Does this word increase your app’s chances to being found and installed?

Competitiveness – hardly you want to be in the search list on the position like #875. Such distant place will never be reached by the mobile users that is why you need to aimed on the top 10 search results. And your key selection must stimulate such growth.

Searches – only in case when the previous criteria are not the decisive ones, you can look for the search qualities of the words.

Every keyword has unique features considering the mentioned points above. So they need to be selected individually. And you also need to define what words will improve your ASO.

Publisher name

The line with publisher name plays also a great deal in the App Store searches results. You can increase your search chances by combining developer’s name and key phrases. But check it before in order not to use in the publisher’s name a word that may be an app-specific one.


The keywords optimization must be done before the application’s release. So you have only one chance to launch it. Before you do so make sure that they are tested and beneficial for your goals.

It is also possible to create some trial period for the chosen keyword and compare its search results and number of installs. Also constantly monitor whether there are any changes in App Store.

Feel free for experimentations and you will succeed in finding the decent keywords in order to make it to the tops of search results.

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