Creating an app is a long lasting process that requires tons of time, work and sometimes money. However, even perfect apps that is definitely worth attention may be lost among millions of other offers on play store. Getting to the top – where an app may be noticed by potential consumers is not an easy target. However, it becomes even more difficult daily, as number of uploaded app grows unbelievably fast.

The whole picture could look quite upsetting for new developers, but there is always a solution for any difficulty. Developers shall add one more line to their plan – to promote their app after it’s created. Perfect app’s performance is not enough for becoming successful and recognizable; this may be possible only if a good product is accompanied by wise promo campaign. These actions will bring you consumers and financial benefits. It party explains the reason why it’s so popular to use review and rating services for apps’ promotion.

Recent changes in rules of stores

Great increase of number of uploaded applications made stores less welcoming for new developers. Many apps join stores’ offer lists daily. Alongside with growing number of competitors developers meet another difficulty – restricted criteria for store’s inner ranking. Big stores like Google Play and App Store implemented innovative algorithm that helps users see application with high rating, many reviews and downloads, - first. It may be really comfortable for your potential clients – but less positive for you if you are preparing to upload new app. It could appear to be impossible to win a good place among popular and well-recognized developers, but there are solutions that may always help.

Knowing the features that are processed by search algorithm, it’s easy to build a winning strategy. There are a lot of services that help to increase app’s rating and to take higher place in general ranking. The services offer unlimited paid star-rates and reviews that can put your application in the top-list.

Keys to high rating

Most of top application have high rating – not lower than 4 stars. The rating is useful for both taking a visible position in store’s ranking list and attracting users. Application with high rate appears more trustworthy and is often purchased or installed. However, to get high rating is a difficult job. For example, top application shall get over 200 000 downloads to keep its rating on 4.4 level.

Leading store – iTunes implemented even more complexed mechanism that recognizes app’s country of origin and upload alongside with general characteristics like rating and ranking place.

Quality remains important

No promo campaign will work for an application with bad quality. Pay attention at your product’s quality, usability and usefulness before you think about promotion. Those products that are important, interesting and innovative are easy to promote.

Interacting with consumers

Usually number of downloads is much higher than number of users’ reviews. People naturally don’t leave feedback and reviews too often. You can slightly improve the situation including notification and reminding messages to stimulate your consumers to rate or to leave a feedback for your application. Don’t make your reminders appear too often as it may irritate users and become a reason for lower rating.

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