How the User Behavior Influences the ASO

With the recent tendency of internationalization, the biggest part of current applications become global. This phenomenon requires a constant analysis of the data of apps nowadays in order to understand what users expect to get from the usage of a certain application and why they use the app.

This is the vital information that helps to distinguish own marketing strategy and find the tools for its implementation. The apps’ data analysis allows improving the App Store Optimization. Every developer needs to check the recent tendencies in user behavior in 2018 to use this data for further app improvement.

Downloads at Google Play and Apple Store

The year 2018 has become the period that revealed the real differences between the customers that use the Apple Store and Google Play. The first and core difference is the number of users. Definitely, Google has more users due to the usage of one of the most widely used operating systems, Android. This operating system works with almost all portable and mobile devices available nowadays.

Another popular operating system, iOS, offers an exclusive Apple service, thus provides a single type of device and at the result fewer users. It is logical that Google Play Store gathers more customers and downloads in comparison with App Store. Still, this information does not show the iOS to lose its positions on the app store market. Moreover, due to the recent studies, iPhone users purchase more applications than Android ones. In the numbers, the Play Market has recently faced a boost in downloads from India, mostly games and sports applications. The main reason for such a boost was the recent World Cup that had brought the significant increase in downloads.

Spendings at Google Play and Apple Store

In the figures, it is obvious the users of iOS spend more than Android users on various applications and services. The first part of 2018 has proven this fact. The Android apps keep its top positions in certain categories like sports and games, where the Google Play gets the biggest profit. The countries that use sports, game and entertaining apps remain the biggest audience and bring a significant part of this revenue. It’s great how applications have become an essential part of every user’s life.

Quantity vs Quality

The modern users’ preferences change constantly, thus the developers and marketers need to deal with the current tendencies on the app store market. When in the beginning, people were using the smartphone storage to download as many applications as possible since it was the new and exciting experience; nowadays the number of applications in the smartphones remains quite low. Modern users prefer quality to quantity and try to choose more of application they need and want.

In other words, a modern user prefers an app that has real quality and can be used for a certain purpose, instead of using a bunch of apps with a variety of unnecessary features. This information must help the developers to figure out how their app can attend better to their target users. The more useful features you offer to your customer, the easier will it be to convince him or her to download an app.

With a good knowledge of the user behavior in the present times, you can greatly improve your app and increase downloads eventually. Keep track on your ASO strategy core components to stay aware of what you need to update or change in order to reach a better visibility and more downloads. Use the information and data you have to conduct a successful App Store Optimization of your app, and reach a high position in app ranking and conversion rate!

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