It is easy to name the most difficult online spheres to crack nowadays. There are no doubts that the processes of increasing organic application downloads and making deposits in the up-to-date gaming platform are the most complicated ones. According to statistics, over 20,000 modern applications challenging for a single keyword ”casino” and about 15,000 for the keyword phrase ‘football betting’. Therefore, how to make your application visible in such a case?

1. Make sure to plan a proper ASO keyword strategy with scheduled steps and advanced tools used. Therefore, use the logical and catchy keyword phrases, but use the less recognizable ones at once. You can use keywords with low search volume to success in your promotion campaign, but with high relevance at once. Check every word retention rate and choose the keywords, which can bring the high ratings.

2. Select those keywords that allow gaining the main app development’s aims. It is important to choose the keywords, which really bring better app visibility and drive performance. This approach will help you to conduct successful ASO strategy and get installs that are more organic eventually.

3. Do not be afraid of experiments. If you desire to get your chosen niche on the market, implement the needed keywords into your app preview, subtitle or a short promo text.

4. Use all the possibilities the Apple search advertisements offer you, even if you have not used all their features yet. These advanced tools allow searching for ads quite cheaply, but once gaining good results. Moreover, it allows you to purchase the exact keywords that in fact produce great results. Running Search advertisements helps selecting the right words and at the affordable prices.

5. App Store Optimization is getting more complicate and ingenious all the time. Nowadays, it takes more time to get the requested results, thus without paid Search ads, it will be very difficult to succeed. Remember that the application engagement and organic installs enhancement require both paid Search advertisements and a well-planned ASO. Be sure, the paid search advertisements will increase your organic keywords and app downloads significantly.

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