Google Play Store Makeover

The Google has recently transformed the algorithm of the Google Play Market work, which will bring more quality users and improve the entire work of the store.

Google Play Keyword Tool

The Google has recently started testing a beta version of its unique keyword insight tool by the means of Developer Console manages by Google Play. This advanced tool is aimed at providing developers with exceptional insights into users’ search behavior. Using the tool allows increasing the app’s visibility and can eventually outcome in better monetization. The modern tool brings a wide variety of information and data needed for developers like a set of over 1000 search terms related to apps ranking, the number of installs, store listing visitors, important conversion and retention rates. The beta version has allowed a few chosen developers to test the created tool. Recently it has become completely available on the Developer Console. Therefore, soon all developers will be able to use the tool for own purposes. The keyword tool can be easily used in the course of ASO strategy implementation since it can bring great results of keyword optimization in the first place. The developers, who have already tested the tool, describe a list of advantages and special features it brings.

Keywords and Search Terms

Once getting a detailed list of over 1000 search terms provided by the tool’s key feature, the user can compare them to other vital search terms, hidden and shown as “Other” in the Developer Console. The displayed 1000 search terms are mostly related to over 50% of the analyzed pageviews reached each month, together with resulting in about 40% of monthly installs in total. This situation shows that developers have no effective instruments to track the source of more than a half of all the chekced installs. Even with a recently launched tool with limited options, we can distinguish a number of valuable insights for every developer who tries to run a successful ASO campaign.

Relevancy Drives Better Conversion & Retention

After analyzing the complete list of displayed search terms and the relevant conversion rate, we have resoluted a significant correlation between the search term’s relevancy and the possibility of app’s users to install the app and do it later. Therefore, it is possible to improve the keyword targeting’s precision by targeting certain keywords with both high traffic and high conversion.


The leading labels show the highest conversion rates. Once looking for brand-related search expressions, it helps in checking your competitors. When you tend to target your main competitors, make sure you know how to deal with the labeling. In case of targeting competitors remain an essential component of your ASO Strategy be careful not to mention leading labels and brands in your app description since without permission it is absolutely prohibited.

Long-Tailed search terms and Individual keywords.

The tool shows the wide set of individual keywords; still, many of the popular search terms are long-tailed. These terms bring more possibilities for ranking positions’ increase, while brings less traffic. The user who searchs mostly for long-tailed terms is usually searching for something specific, thus downloads from these searches bring higher retention and conversion rates.

Your Further Actions

The biggest benefits developers get from the long-termed usage of the modern keyword tool. In the same time, it would be more preferred for developers if Google will delete the “Others” category, and build the algorithm for showing a full list of search terms with rates. In addition, a number of additional features will be very useful like organizing the data by country, region or social background. It can greatly help the ASO experts to estimate the existed impact of store listing localization in figures. We hope the tool will be greatly improved in the close future!

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