From the time of the App Store and Google Play launching, the massive number of available applications have made the entire promotion campaign really compound and difficult. It is easy to get lost among the billions of existed applications. This has become the reason why marketers keep looking for new methods of making an app visible, increase its installs and downloads. The modern ASO (App Store Optimization) has become one of the core existed methods of an app promotion.

ASO is with no doubts one of the most well promising promotion ways existed nowadays. This optimization’s type has been improved recently, and now remains a very powerful promotion tool. In the same time, ASO offers a limited set of instruments for the development of long-lasting ASO strategy. It is easy to distinguish five main ASO winning strategy’s components.

1. Considerate Your Target Audience

This crucial component of every successful ASO strategy allows marketers to get in touch with their target audience. It is highly important in the time when the App Store increases its core audience for various unnamed reasons and once being promoted on different channels. Besides, it is also crucial to considerate and distinguishes your core audience in order to cultivate and maintain a winning ASO strategy. It will help you to concentrate on the right audience reaching bigger final revenue.

Select a certain cluster of people who will become your application target audience. Be aware that your target user profile must include gender, age, educational background, culture, economic level, place of residence, etc. All of these characteristics play a crucial role in your promotion campaign and target audience consideration.

Be aware of the ways and reasons why the people use your application. Their interests, occupation, and app usage practice will help you to improve the application. The reasons why people use the app matters. When dealing with the dating applications, many persons use it to find a spouse, when other ones need only short-time relations. Consider the entire variety of possible reasons, and make sure you have not forgotten any important detail. Find the strong and weak sides of your application, and try to offer unique features. This will help you to gather more users interested in your specific product. Many dating apps focus on exciting meetings or unique matching options. Make sure you have mentioned the social background and interest of your potential users.

Once you have an identified cluster of users, check their preferences, aims, and desires. Their aims and preferences will greatly help you to create the right strategy of cooperation with users. Check whether users like the interface of an application, the app’s name, the description in order to fulfill users’ desires fully. Work with the application descriptions and main keywords to let the users find the app easily. Every marketer and developer needs to remember his main users, and the fact target audience is constantly changing. In the way as the traditional market operates, ASO strategy requires recourses and methods preferred on the current market. Make sure to test all the market needs in order to develop along with your market.

2. Keyword Optimization Is Just a Beginning of a Successful ASO Strategy

Many marketers and developers prefer keyword optimization as the main tool of app promotion enhancement. In the same time, a keyword optimization is just a first step of the ASO conducting process.

Successful ASO campaign requires a proper keyword optimization aimed at helping you reaching organic increase of installs and downloads through better visibility by reaching higher positions in the App Store search lists. It is great to use your creativity once performing the list of keywords since creative ideas and other unique notions that appear in the search results increase your conversion rates significantly. With a great conversion rate for a certain keyword search, you surely get higher relevancy graded by the used search algorithm and the upper rank for a mentioned keyword in general.

Moreover, it is not so crucial how many people visit your website every day, only the number of downloads matters. The main measure of the app success is the increase of organic installs. Therefore, an effective ASO strategy centers on both optimizing for better visibility and higher conversion rates.

3. Theory-Driven Optimization as a Key to a Great ASO Strategy

Every professionally conducted ASO strategy requires good resources and core principles followed. It is significant to find out what exact creative decisions and messages to provide in order to force the more users to download your application. You face a high risk of wasting valuable capitals on blurred investigations without a proper theory testing. A great theory is a certain statement that can be verified or negated. This statement is usually used as a basis for further examination.

Use the following guidelines to get inspired:

  • • It is great to check what your opponents do with their messages. For such a purpose, use tools like the ASO Tool Box to watch the inspired messages used by your competitors at app stores to get more useful information and data. It may inspire you or will give a bunch of useful materials for further work. Discover your up-to-date app reviews and response. Acquire what users are telling about your application and how they are telling it. What words can gather the attention of a potential user and push him away at the same time?
  • • Classify which exact features of your application users prefer the most and why.
  • • Discover what advertisements have brought you new users and how.
  • • If you have no idea how to welcome your would-be users, use the next advises.
  • • How can you write the message? If you are writing a short note:
    • a) Motivate a specific user with a certain sentiment;
    • b) Take care of the functionality of your app, and check how this sentiment influences your users.

Be aware, the strong theories always require messages about quality services, preferred features, and advantages of the application. Moreover, great theories are precise and focused on providing messages that increase the user’s understanding of the app functionality.

4. Creative Ideas and Unique Messaging Are Crucial for Running Effective Tests

Based on numerous researches conducted by our analysts, the modern app store shows the following unique characteristics that influence the app promotion. Once conducting a research, it has become obvious how big can be the impact of App Store Optimization. Furthermore, ASO key components as store creative ideas bring the biggest possible impact on users. The mentioned creatives include screenshots, app previews, icons that remain unique and informative. With the proper creatives, the app’s CVP reaches up to 40% higher popularity.

How to make the right creatives and proper messages? With the test theory, you may start working on creatives. Be aware to consider the following issues once producing creative ideas and forms:

  • • Consider the time visitors spend on your page. The average app store visitor needs only 3-5 seconds to make a decision whether to download an application or not. Therefore, you are limited in time, thus make your short application preview video, add some screenshots, and allow the user to make own decision. In the same time, the latest studies show that over 50% of users choose to install or drop an app without ever visiting a page. The reason for such a tendency is strong Frame of First Impression creatives.
  • • Be aware that the mobile screens have small sizes. It brings a need to take into consideration the frames and sizes while you are working with the canvas and paintings. It is essential to place the icons, screenshots and other parts properly to being easily readable at small screens.
  • • Use the crowd as the source. Since you are the only one who knows every side of your application, understand that the average guest does not have a familiar knowledge. Thus, make some efforts to present the application to your target audience. In addition, ask people how they understand every theory. They can bring you quite interesting ideas for your app promotion and further development.

5. A Successful ASO Strategy Is a Complex Process Based on Data

The App Store Optimization is a full development and promotion process that requires resources and data. It is not a single-step action but a complete cycle. Once you have your theories tested, and can offer creatives, the analysis stage becomes fundamental.

Once conducting the analysis stage pay your attention to the following points:

  • 1. Carefully examine app store engagement with every element like assess page, asset performance, etc. in order to understand what issues the users prefer the most and classify the strong points and weaknesses of all variants available. Define the winning variant and start to implement it.
  • 2. Calculate the CVR lift in the live store to check the effectiveness of ASO.
  • 3. Use the data and results of numerous test analyses to generate new hypotheses.

Your ASO strategy needs to be a complex set of actions since your market, opponents, and users are constantly changing, thus their needs change as well. It requires a constant evolving o your application based on the current needs of the market. Usually, the developers test their creative assets as a minimum 2-5 times before each app launch. In addition, the top developers keep changing and improving their creatives at least 1-2 times per month.

Be aware that an effective ASO strategy is not just a list of schedules plans and actions that are aimed at boosting your CVR, but a difficult creative work, which brings up a long-term strategy aimed at bringing the app’s success through a performance optimization of your app store.

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