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YouTube Influencer Marketing: The Strategy

Marketing influence goes to the every Internet user. Half a century ago, marketing technologies of influence were only available to large companies that had substantial budgets for attracting famous personalities, as well as other stars for others.

Today, the explosive growth of social networks and mobile devices gives second birth for advertising social influencer marketing companies.

In our days even a home bakery can afford to post on Instagram owner’s account with real 30-50 thousand subscribers. Moreover, such methods work efficiently and ordering influence service in specified company will bring benefits.

According to research:

  • 65% is more likely to perceive feedback about a product or brand in a social network than from more direct advertising channels
  • 150% return on investment from marketing activities of agents of influence (Based on analysis of 300,000 hours of content from more than 5,000 opinion leaders)
  • 59% of marketing departments of leading brands plan to increase spending on "marketing influence" this year.

Leaders Of Public Opinion

If we talk about absolutely global things, then the leader of public opinion can be a politician, a popular actor or a representative of art. These people have a certain "worth" in their communities, whose members support and share their views on most issues.

On the Internet, opinion leaders are usually represented in almost every niche and industry. Usually, these are show business stars, as well as persons who conduct their blogs or author columns on information portals (including the same experts from offline), broadcast through their own channels within social influencer marketing, and also publish different Thematic information through channels or entire communities on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others.

In the same offline, it is usually experts (if we are talking about the B2B industry) that broadcast authoritative and full of meaningful speech at business forums, seminars, conferences and other industry events. As we said above, in almost every niche there is a leader of opinion and the main task is to find it and make it your agent of influence.

Influencer Platform

Influencer platform is a source of people who, through their actions and authoritative opinion, can influence the opinions of other people, incl. pursuing defined goals.

Influencer Marketing Platform can offer the service of small discussions and correspondence within various forums, thematic sites, commentaries on social networks and other target resources where your target audience can hang out. Influencer Agency provides comments and discussions regarding your service or good, their reviews have weight and their task is to persuade the general direction of the dialogue and its essence in the direction that is right for you.

Ideally, those who read such messages and discussions are more likely to become your satisfied customers. And companies with quality service are exactly the same.

In fact, this type strongly overlaps with opinion leaders and, in most cases, they are a single whole - as soon as the leader understands that he is to them, at the same time, he understands what can influence people.