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    Grow Your App’s DAU and ECPM With Keyword Installs

    If you’re looking for a way to increase your app’s position on the ranks and attract hundreds of organic new users every day, starting an advertising campaign featuring keywords google play installs may be your perfect solution. Keyword installs are installs that happen as a result of the user browsing app store search using specific words or word combinations. A successful mobile keyword ranking campaign will help your app climb up those rankings in Google Play.

    What Do You Need for the Successful Keyword Optimization

    The first thing to do is optimize your title and description using the relevant keywords. Keywords ASO plays an important part in app promotion, and it is an affecting factor of app ranking. The number of keywords used in your app’s app store page matters as much as the keywords themselves. Then you’ll need to ensure a steady daily traffic delivered to the page for the campaign to start.

    Google Play Keywords Optimization Results

    A keyword optimization is the fastest and most efficient way to grow the number of organic installs for your app. When using our search keywords service, you will receive a research of your app, along with the trending keywords. Then we’ll optimize the app page using those keywords, which will eventually move your app to the top 10 apps for a specific keyword in Google Play. This is how you can significantly increase your organic installs and even jump to the top rankings of the category.