What is Google Play Optimization and App Store SEO

App store optimization (ASO) is a key component of your app succeeding. It is an effective promotion search tool in Google Play and App Store. The lack of optimization can risk not being seen by the target users, while your competitors do whatever they can to help their apps climb the ranks of App Store and Google Play.

In case you have zero experience with app seo, you’re going to need the expertise of a reputable App Store SEO service that has needed app store optimization tools and plenty of optimization achievements in their portfolio. Luckily for you, you’re already on the website of a company that will help your app get to its deserved position. Promotion of apps has never been more effective than it is with the help of our services.

Although every mobile advertising campaign has different goals and conditions, there are still some common approaches towards optimization. The most important aspects of promotion are the different advertising channels. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • App description that features the relevant keywords
  • Landing page, which is used for presenting the app to the users and verifying your position in the app market
  • Optimized content on your company blog, social media profiles, emails, etc

How can you benefit from working with our tools?

Cooperating with our services to achieve app store optimization is a surefire way to get your app out there and make it seen by the target audience. In the end, ASO is the only way to give your app the recognition it deserves. Work with us if you want to see the following:

  • Increased number of users and reviews of the app
  • Growth of organic traffic and downloads in Google Play
  • Detailed stats on how your Android app is performing, which can be used for tweaking the optimization campaign
  • Effective content management on the app stores

How does ASO work?

Even though there are not two identical promotion campaigns, every app optimization process should include the following steps:

1. Establishing the “face” of your brand by choosing eye-catching and unique visuals.

2. Adding optimized content to different channels, including detailed descriptions and instructions for your Android app.

3. Designing relevant and attractive title and descriptions optimized specifically for the app store.

In case your organic daily, monthly, and overall installs leave much to be desired, app store optimization may be the kick start to your promotional campaign it so desperately needed. Due to ASO thousands of new users will organically download and use your app without deleting it after a few minutes.

There is a certain group of people who don’t believe in ASO app store optimization, thinking it’s a waste of money and that it’s completely unimportant for the app’s success. However, even the most outstanding, beautifully designed, and useful apps can benefit from optimization. Your potential installs and revenue can achieve exponential growth thanks to app store optimization. And we are the ones who can help you and your app meet your objectives.

Why Does App Optimization Matter So Much?

There are many components of effective mobile app marketing that take a lot of time and effort, but without the app store optimization, all your efforts can go to waste. Desired results and success in the mobile app industry cannot be imagined without optimization. When there are hundreds of thousands of other apps competing for the top spot, succeeding becomes a real challenge, and ASO may be your only way to get to where you want to be.

According to the latest surveys, over 60% of Apple users use the app store to look for new apps to download, which means that most users will see your app in the app store instead of other sources. That is why we make ASO in such manner which sure that not only the Apple users discover your app, but they’ll also be interested enough to download it. Watch your number of installs grow as we work on optimizing your content, bringing you closer to your goals every day with our ASO tools.