Well-known market for app searching is Google Play. This service presents countless number of applications as well as billions of their installs. But not everybody knows that it is not the only source of useful apps. In this article we will reveal some alternative places for such purposes.

You may wonder why people search for other services while Google Play is available for everybody. At first, mobile users are fond of diversity. Plenty of applications are never published on Google Play because of different issues. However these products can be interesting to use. Other way to be directed on other services is the app recommendations and independently created lists of applications which never reach the Google Play due to severe competitiveness. And the last reason of using alternative markets is the country oriented services that offer applications that are trending in the particular area.

Amazon Appstore

Hardly will you find somebody who is not familiar with Amazon service. So in 2011 there was launched its own market for mobile applications. Some may notice that there are not so much apps offered, however all of them of the decent quality, which may compensate the small number. The selection is fierce so only the best applications are able to pass through the test. Also here you are often offered with promotion campaign when paid products are given for free.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung has come up with the idea of its own app market as it is the biggest developer of mobile Android devices. It was destined so here we have Samsung Galaxy Apps market. And it has grown to the level of Google Play alternative. As it is common for relatively new markets here we will not find millions of various applications. But this service opens great opportunities for developers as basic applications from Galaxy Apps are installed on every Samsung device.


Rather professional look has the store called Mobogenie. It is oriented on games mostly. Many of the performed apps here are available on Google Play as well. But this service has as option not only of sharing but also creating new applications. And this option has been used by 8 million users already. Here you can find features for java and Android platform. Registered users are welcome to publish their creations for free. Here you will not find way to monetize any app.


This service is one of the oldest one originally oriented on the Symbian platform. It is one of the most strongest markets that are still existing. The applications are categorized and intelligently organized to make the search of the app easier and more convenient. You also enabled to open GetJar on your PC and browse application there.

Slide ME

It is an international and quite popular place for mobile applications. It is a quality variant of the mobile market as every app posted there undergoes strict control. Slide ME approves only quality and secure applications. You are able to find here free as well as paid offers and convenient methods of payment. This service is beneficial for developers who are aimed on conquering the international audience thanks to the intelligent smart search system.


It is a robot-based service that can be a good Google play alternative as well as secure storage for Android programs. The founder of this platform is English company F-Droid Limited. Here users are supplied not only with third-party developers’ products, but also the service’s original ones. For now more than 35 products were released. Also F-droid allows multiple ways for apps being founded: search, categorization, and other features like Top rated, Latest Apps and forum discussions.


One of the popular places where game developers and designers can post their apps is Mobango. It is free for app creators so they can start their career here. The number of available apps in Mobango is not so big to create a fierce competition. So the young developers can benefit from this aspect and start their way on the popularity. Getting into this market or reaching the top here is easy that is why it is so tempting for developers.

So here we have seven alternatives that have their own peculiarities that define the choice of them. Users and developers make a selection according to their purposes. Services with small amount of published apps like Amazon Appstore or GetJag can help to get great exposure. In case you have limited budgets as a young developer the Mobango is the best choice as it is free. Samsung Galaxy Apps will be beneficial for developers due to the sure-thing big user base. On services like Amazon Appstore or Slide ME users will definitely find applications from the dependable developers as products here undergo serious control and checking procedures to make sure the app is decent.

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